Language of 1.


LANGUAGE OF ONE ASDEverything is a language and everyone is constantly trying to tell us something, express themselves, in their own unique way; the real trick is in learning to discern the signals from the din of chaos. Inspired by my amazing, wise, beautiful, & talented partner, who’s on the Autism Spectrum. Checkout her blog about life as an adult with ASD. -B

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Fashion Photographer Bjorn Lumiere AshevilleWhen you need creative world class images that’ll get you noticed, make it Bearz Images – we’re ready to bring your dreams & ideas to light. -B

New Images, New Year.

New Images, New Year. West Asheville. Bearz Images.

I’m constantly inspired by the changing light & finding the beauty in every day things, in fact the light of all four seasons is vastly different & often reveals new details of common objects you might’ve passed by a thousand times before seeing things differently. Whether I’m photographing models, still life, or street photography the goal is always the same. -B