Asheville Portraits

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Going through archives late last night during mountain rain storm, making images & editing them is very much like meditation for me, either you’re in ‘the zone’ or you’re not,  trick is staying in it; whether you’re making images or flying a jet plane, whatever it is stay focused & allow enough space for the profound to occur & play. Once told a friend you have to let go, in order to hang on. Anyway, enough of my Sunday afternoon rant, hope you enjoy the new images, trying to share more of the past projects online. -B

Between shadow and soul.

bearzimages, photography, Bjorn Luminaire, Asheville, Fashion, Female, girl, wedding photography, B&W, black and white, film,One from my personal collection, this or certainly another from the series will be included in my book. Aside from myself and the person in the image there’s only been one other person, who I felt comfortable enough with when she visited us, to show the lion’s share of work we created since moving to NC. -B