Between shadow and soul.

bearzimages, photography, Bjorn Luminaire, Asheville, Fashion, Female, girl, wedding photography, B&W, black and white, film,One from my personal collection, this or certainly another from the series will be included in my book. Aside from myself and the person in the image there’s only been one other person, who I felt comfortable enough with when she visited us, to show the lion’s share of work we created since moving to NC. -B

Language of 1.


LANGUAGE OF ONE ASDEverything is a language and everyone is constantly trying to tell us something, express themselves, in their own unique way; the real trick is in learning to discern the signals from the din of chaos. Inspired by my amazing, wise, beautiful, & talented partner, who’s on the Autism Spectrum. Checkout her blog about life as an adult with ASD. -B

Bring your dreams & ideas to light.

Fashion Photographer Bjorn Lumiere AshevilleWhen you need creative world class images that’ll get you noticed, make it Bearz Images – we’re ready to bring your dreams & ideas to light. -B